Ear & Body Piercing At DNA Aesthetics Clinic In South London

The specialists at DNA Aesthetics Clinic have an excellent reputation in South London for our levels of professionalism and hygiene when offering body piercing.

As you would expect from a five-star Aesthetics salon, all our equipment is completely sterile, pre-packed or disposable. We also offer an extensive range of piercing options including ear piercing, helix and forward helix piercing, nipple and naval piercing, rook, scaffold, tragus and surface piercings. 

We will carefully the process and explain any aftercare to ensure you get the best outcome from your piercing.

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Ear & Body Piercings Explained...

Dermal Piercing

 With dermal piercing - also known as single-point piercing - we add a little gem to the surface of the skin. This is kept in place by a bar under the surface of your skin, which anchors it in place.

Ear Piercing

This is one of the most popular piercing services available at DNA Aesthetics in South London.  We offer piercing of the ear lobes, adding studs that remain in place for 6 months to prevent the piercing from closing.

Forward Helix Piercing

 A Forward Helix Piercing usually involves piercing the triangular-shaped upper ear cartilage section that is closest to your face. Very often we add studs to this area.  

Helix Piercing

A Helix Piercing is made to the upper cartilage of the ear.  Your piercing can sit on any section of the cartilage.  Very often we add studs or small hoops to these areas which can have multiple piercings. 

Navel Piercing

Also known as belly button piercing, with Naval Piercings we pierce the fleshy area around the belly button.  It can take several months for a belly button piercing to completely heal.

Nipple Piercing

We offer piercing of the nipples with most clients asking for a small bar to be added.  This is one of the more sensitive body areas for a piercing and it usually takes up to 9 months to completely heal.  

Rook Piercing

 With a Rook Piercing we pierce the cartilage in the uppermost ridge of your inner ear (located towards the middle).  Very often we add small hooped earrings to this ear cartilage area. 

Scaffold Piercing

Also known as an industrial piercing or construction piercing, with Scaffold Piercings we will pierce two areas in the upper ear cartilage and connect them with a single straight bar.  

Skin Diver Piercing

A Skin Diver is a small piece of jewelry that we implant partially under the skin.  Very often, people have a Skin Diver on the chest or neck area or around the eye.

Tragus Piercing

The tragus is the triangular piece of cartilage that is located right next to the opening of the ear and is a popular location for stud piercings at DNA Aesthetics.

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