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Hair Removal At DNA Beauty & Aesthetics Salon In South East London

Are you fed up with unwanted hair on the face and body?  At DNA Aesthetics in Canada Water, we offer a number of effective hair removal methods to get rid of those pesky hairs!  

Depending on the body area, we will recommend either hot wax or strip wax which are both designed to remove hair for up to six weeks (although you will start to see regrowth after 3-4 weeks).

For those who desire permanent hair removal results, it's time to consider IPL Hair Removal.  

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Strip Wax & Hot Wax

We can remove unwanted hairs from most parts of the body and include intimate waxing for men and women among our services.  So whether you want a Hollywood, Brazilian or Bikini Wax, hair removal from the face, legs or arms, you can trust in our hair removal experts at DNA Aesthetics Clinic in Canada Water.

We are highly trained and will do our best to ensure you have a relatively pain-free experience and feel comfortable throughout your hair removal treatment. 

Please note:  Your hair will need to be approximately 1/4 of an inch long to allow us to get the best hair removal results.


IPL Hair Removal at DNA Beauty Salon in Canada Water South London

IPL Hair Removal

Long-lasting hair reduction can be achieved through IPL Hair Removal and we can offer treatment for all skin types and hair types.  You will require a series of treatments with a few weeks in between each as the majority of our hair is in the resting phase and IPL only works on growing hairs. 

Most people describe the sensation of IPL Hair Removal as similar to a rubber band snapping the skin.  Some people experience some temporary redness to the skin after treatment and may benefit from using a soothing gel.  Find out more here.

Please note: A patch test must be booked prior to this treatment so we can assess whether you are suitable for IPL hair removal.  Book online here.

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