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Advanced Facials & Peels At London's Best Skincare & Aesthetics Clinic

Looking after your skin is the best way to fight ageing. While of course fillers and anti wrinkle injections can make us appear younger and fresher, it's still important to ensure your skin looks bright and healthy.

At DNA Skin Laser & Aesthetics Clinic in SE London, we offer a great range of tried & tested facials using the latest technology to achieve the best results.  

Whether it’s acne prone skin and breakouts, a dull complexion, skin pigmentation or fine lines & wrinkles, we will tailor your facial to suit your needs.

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The Best Anti-Ageing Facials Near Me

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The Deep Clean Facial

1 hour - £55

Your skin will feel clearer and completely refreshed with this double cleansing facial which includes a gentle exfoliation, face steam, blackhead extraction, LED infra-red mask, a nourishing hydro jelly mask, moisturiser and that all-important Sun Protection Factor cream.

Acne Facial

1 hour - £75

Ideal for congested, acne-prone skin and even cold sores, this facial includes a double cleanse plus ultrasonic exfoliation where we use a high-frequency ultrasonic wand to zap spots and loosen up dead skin build-up and debris. This is followed by a face steam and extraction, blue LED light treatment to target bacteria, a medical grade face mask to aid cell renewal, a moisturiser, and SPF 50.

Reverse & Revive Facial

1 hour - £85

Our Reverse & Revive Facial includes the application of a soothing cleanser and gentle exfoliation using an enzymatic peeling gel to unclog blocked pores and remove dead skin cells. After toning the skin, we will apply the CliniCare AHA+EGF Skin Booster designed to boost skin cell regeneration.  Finally, you can enjoy a skin tightening mask with powerful anti-ageing, rejuvenating and moisturising ingredients, followed by moisturiser and a sun shield cream with SPF.


1 hour - £95

The HydraFacial deep-cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates your skin. After cleansing the skin, we will gently exfoliate using microdermabrasion before applying hydrating serums designed for your specific skin needs.  This facial is ideal for dry and mature skin and is also effective in improving the appearance of acne.


1 hour - £80

Rejuvenate your skin and improve the appearance of light scarring, pigmentation, fine lines and open pores with a series of Microneedling treatments.  Our Microneedling devices have lots of tiny needles that create lots of fine pin-pricks to the skin.  We offer options with and without radiofrequency.  The INFINI Microneedling with RF helps to stimulate collagen to give smoother, younger-looking skin.

PRP Microneedling Facial

1 hour - £100

This anti-ageing treatment is designed to reduce fine lines, boost collagen, improve skin radiance and reduce the appearance of spots and light scarring. We take a small amount of your blood and separate it into red blood cells, platelets and clear plasma in a special centrifuge machine.  The Platelet Rich Plasma is nourished with vitamins and amino acids before being added into your skin using microneedling.

BioRePeel Facial

1 hour - £80

The BioRePeel at DNA Aesthetics Salon in Canada Water is an innovative treatment that stimulates and revitalises the skin. It offers a mild exfoliation and contains active anti-ageing ingredients, helping to improve the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and acne scarring.  This anti-ageing treatment is also effective in treating acne, blackheads and improving the appearance of light, fresh scarring.

Luxury Dermaplaning

1 hour - £55

If you want smoother, clearer skin, it may be time to try our Luxury Dermaplaning treatment.  Using a surgical blade, our Dermaplaning expert will carefully remove dead skin cells and fine hair from the face to unclog pores and encourage the skin to produce new skin cells. We use medical-grade products to ensure your skin is beautifully cleansed and nourished as you embrace your fresh new skin. 

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We really do offer some of the best anti-ageing facials in SE London.  We have years of experience to help identify the best treatments for your skin type and needs.  Book a complimentary consultation by calling DNA Aesthetics Clinic on 0207 232 2275 or book online.