Russian Lips – What You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Russian Lip Fillers At DNA Aesthetics In London

If you like to stay informed about the latest beauty and cosmetic treatments, then you'll have no doubt heard of the Russian Lip Filler technique. This technique has been gaining popularity amongst those who want to change the shape or volume of their lips in a subtle way. In our latest blog, the aesthetics specialists at DNA Aesthetics Clinic in Canada Water, answer the most frequently asked questions about the Russian Lip trend...

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What Is The Russian Lip Technique?

If you've previously had lip augmentation, you'll no doubt have been delighted with the results - although we often hear clients say that they would like "a bit more". The traditional lip filler technique has it's limitations though, and if you add too much filler using this technique you could end up with filler migration or a shelf-like top lip. This is where the Russian Lip technique comes into its own. 

Traditional lip filler is added into the lips horizontally, which can sometimes lead to a uniform increase in the size of the lips, and can result in "sausage lips". Of course, a skilled aesthetic technician can create stunning lips with traditional lip augmentations and avoid the sausage lip effect, but the technique does have its limits. 

 The Russian lip filler technique, as opposed to horizontal injection, aims for a vertical improvement in the lip contour, with a standout feature being a perfectly sculpted cupid's bow. Russian Lip filler is often confused with the overstuffed, Russian doll look, not so - lips filled using this technique look natural, pillowy soft with a perfect pout.

The Russian Lip technique focuses on lip height for a heart shaped pout that is perfectly proportioned to the ratios of your face.  

How Long Do Russian Lip Fillers Take?

The Russian lip technique uses microdroplets of dermal filler, and is injected in more sites on the lips than traditional lip filler, allowing us greater control over where your filler is placed.

Does The Russian Lip Technique Hurt?

As there are more injection points required using this technique, a bit more discomfort is experienced, and mild bruising and swelling can occur. If you are experiencing discomfort, we can apply a topical numbing cream to alleviate the sensation, the pain, swelling and bruising will not last long and will be worth it when you've got the lips of your dreams!

What Types Of Filler Are Used In The Russian Lip Technique?

The Russian lip filler technique uses the same fillers as the traditional techniques do, they are just applied in smaller amounts and in a different manner. Either Restylane or Juvederm can be used for the procedure, both use naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, so adverse reactions or allergies are extremely rare.

How Long Does Russian Lip Filler Last?

It is difficult to state exactly how long filler will last, as the hyaluronic acid will be metabolised by everyone individually. Factors such as exercise, diet and your natural metabolism can all affect the durability of your lip filler. For most patients, however, the results of Russian Lip Filler will last between 6 and 12 months.  

How Much Does Russian Lip Filler Cost?

Some clients will require different levels of filler to achieve the look they desire. We recommend booking a complimentary consultation with the aesthetics specialists at our Canada Water aesthetics clinic so that we can assess your lips, face shape and discuss the finished look you want, we can then provide a quote tailored to your needs. 

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If you would like to explore whether the Russian Lip filler is right for you, please book a consultation so we can discuss your needs, assess whether you are suitable for treatment, answer your questions and explain the process and costs involved. Book online here or call 0207 232 2275 to find out more.