“No-Makeup” Makeup Treatments

Treatments For "No-Makeup" Makeup At DNA Beauty In London

In a world full of glamorous makeup tutorials and bold beauty trends, there's something undeniably refreshing about the "no-makeup" makeup look. This minimalist approach to beauty celebrates natural features while creating a fresh faced look that will leave you looking radiant.

If you're ready to embrace the art of understated glam, look no further than the transformative power of brow shaping, brow tinting, and lash lifts at DNA Beauty Clinic in Canada Water.

Brow Shaping

Well groomed brows can instantly lift and define the entire face, creating a polished appearance with minimal effort. Brow shaping involves sculpting the eyebrows to enhance their natural shape and symmetry, resulting in a more balanced look.

Whether you prefer a softly arched brow or a bold, structured silhouette, our professional brow shaping services can help you achieve the perfect frame for your face. By expertly tweezing, waxing, or threading stray hairs and refining the brow shape, we can achieve a clean, polished look for you that sets the stage for effortless beauty.

Brow Shaping at DNA Aesthetics Clinic in London

Brow Tinting

Once the brows are shaped to perfection, it's time to enhance their natural colour and density with brow tinting. This simple yet transformative treatment involves applying a semi-permanent dye to the brows to darken and intensify them, creating the illusion of fuller, more defined brows without the need for makeup.

Whether you have fair, sparse brows or simply want to streamline your beauty routine, brow tinting offers a fuss-free solution for achieving beautifully groomed brows that last. With a range of shades available to match your hair colour and skin tone, we can customise your brow tint to achieve a natural, seamless look that enhances your overall appearance.

Brow Services at DNA Aesthetics Clinic in Canada Water

Lash Lifts

No makeup look is complete without fluttery, voluminous lashes! With a lash lift, we can enhance your natural lashes by lifting and curling them from the root. A lash lift works with your existing lashes to create a lifted, voluminous effect that lasts for weeks.

By gently perming the lashes and setting them in an upward curl, a lash lift opens up the eyes and creates the appearance of longer, fuller lashes without the need for mascara or eyelash curlers.

Lash Lifting at DNA Beauty Salon in Canada Water South London

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